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JET JML 1014VSI 10-Inch-by-14-Inch Variable Speed Indexing Mini Lathe Review

Jet JML 1014VSI 300x180 JET JML 1014VSI 10 Inch by 14 Inch Variable Speed Indexing Mini Lathe Review
Customer reviews:  JET JML 1014VSI 10 Inch by 14 Inch Variable Speed Indexing Mini Lathe Review (4.5 / 5)

The Jet JML 1014VSI mini wood lathe with variable speed indexing is a powerful, quiet and smooth work tool that offers you complete control over any of your projects. Above the normal and innovative features offered by the JML 1014I, this powerful workhorse also comes with additional arbor locks, indexing options and variable speed ranges of between 500 and 3900 RPM. This powerful lathe provides a stable, almost vibration free turning. This machine is aptly made to accept and fit on bed extension number 708355 and jet stand number 708354.

Jet JML 1014VSI : Price range

A new model of this mini lathe has a price range of between 700 and 800 dollars. You may however get a cheaper bargain on a second hand one from a dealer.

Who would buy this tool?

Lathes are a very common and necessary tool for wood turners. This tool makes a very effective and efficient addition to any workshop. It offers all the features appropriate for either beginning or experienced wood turners

Key features

The jet JML 1014VSI wood lathe has several features, some of which are advancements from the previous models. Among the key distinguishing features include:

Six speed motor for flexibility and control

A powerful HP motor which powers six spindles with speeds ranging between 500 and 3975 RPMs is responsible for the robust performance offered by this tool. The variable speed offered by this feature is the main selling point for this lathe. The motors flexibility enables users to undertake a wide range of materials and projects without bogging down the lathe. It can support stock measuring 10 inches in diameter and up to 14 inches in length. The motor is totally sealed off and cooled by a fan.

Cast iron bed and spindle lock

The cast iron bed on this lathe is mainly for stability during work. The spindle lock on the other hand is necessary for veining and fast fluting. Vibrations are dramatically limited during operations due to the stability offered by the heavy duty cast iron bed enabling sufficient precision for the user. The spindle lock additionally makes it easier to change chucks, faceplates and other accessories using only one hand. Faster and more efficient veining and fluting operations are enabled by the indexing capabilities of the spindle lock.

Other features and specifications

Apart from these two primary features, the jet JML-1014 mini wood lathe has the following more features and specifications
- Hollow tail stock and live center – the hollow tail stock enables long hole boring for many vessels such as lamps, while the live center, which comes with a stock boring removable pin, enables easier and quicker completion of projects
- Cam lock mechanism – the cam lock mechanism on this tool enables tool-free adjustment of the tool reset base, headstock and tail stock. This feature combined with the quick release lever enables easy and safe operation through accurate positioning of the tail stock and tool reset.
- Self ejecting tail stock – the mini wood lathe’s tail stock has a self ejecting mechanism that makes it easier and safe to remove.
- The bench top features non-skid rubber feet for stability during use
- It comes in measurements of approximately 10.25×28.1×14.1 width, height and length respectively, and has an overall weight of 80 pounds
- This mini lathe comes with a five year warranty.


One of the main pros of the jet JML-1014 mini lathe is its general operation. This tool has a lot of power, is super quiet and works quite smoothly. The vibrations are majorly limited by the cast iron bed. The indexing feature is also a nice addition to the mini lathe. The 24 indexing positions are more than appropriate for this lathe.
The variable speed which is accomplished by a five speed and three belt settings enables the user to alter the machine speeds in a short time of less than 20 seconds.


The only downside to this machine is that delivery may result in quite a number of broken parts. However, this can be easily rectified as it comes with a five year warranty besides the fact that Jet will easily replace any broken or non functioning parts.

Customer reviews and ratings

After reviews from 44 customers, this machine earns an overall rating of 4.6 stars out of 5, which shows the level of satisfaction customers have with its operation and other features.

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The jet JML-1014VSI is a very powerful wood lathe. Apart from this machine being an improvement on previous models with great new features that are advantageous to the end user. The variable speed feature does especially well with customers and should be one of the reasons for anyone to buy this machine.

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