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Jet 719202 JWL-1221VS Wood Lathe Stand Review

Jet 719202 300x300 Jet 719202 JWL 1221VS Wood Lathe Stand Review
Customer reviews:  Jet 719202 JWL 1221VS Wood Lathe Stand Review (5 / 5)

Construct stunning wood items with the Jet 719202 lathe written by: Tburnett For many centuries, sculptors have made interesting pieces of models from wood and metal. This success has been attributed to the equipment and tools used in the process. For this to be made possible, the surface that the item is placed should be firm. Lathes have provided that support and strength.

But most of these are limited in the way they function. Leaving some desired functions and processes unmet. Makers of the modern lathes have tried to achieve a combination of tasks that you will use as an artist. But few have succeeded like the Jet 719202 lathe. With innovation and technology, your experience at the workshop is about to change permanently.

Jet 719202 : Price range

You can get yours today at a cost of between $300 to $400. This price is a bit higher than that of the ordinary lathes. But considering the benefits you will get, the price is nothing to discourage you. Most outlets will ship and deliver it to you at no extra fee. In addition, the price includes the accessories that come with the lathe. From most stores, the delivery will take about 1 to 2 days.

Who would buy?

Whether you make items from wood or metal, you are going to find this stand very useful. The 719202 can be used by people who do metalworking, wood tuning, metal spinning and even thermal spraying. Additionally, people in pottery can buy it for holding their pieces
firmly in place as they work on them. With its longevity, the Jet719202 lathe is ideal for multiple users. In addition, makers of glass works can utilize the lathe to build amazing models.

Solid support

This lathe provides improved locking properties to prevent the item from slipping out of position. Its bed is made from cast iron while the frames are made of steel. This provides a solid sturdy platform.

Drawings and Accessories

The lathe comes with a wide variety of accessories such as chisels, chucks and drill bits. In addition, there are drawings of how to fit the accessories into the body of the lathe. Similarly, there is the provision of safety clothing such as gloves and overalls.

Main features and specifications

- It has adjustable piece holders to give you freedom
- You can get one that operates from a bench top or one that stands alone on the ground.
- It is relatively small in size helping you to save on space at the workshop
- It is easy to assemble and operate hence user friendly
- 24 hours customer support on toll free number.
- Wide bed length between the centers for turning longer items
- Adjustable revolutions per minute (RPM)


The Jet 719202 lathe can rotate the piece of item that you are working on its axis to give you 360 degrees of view. This ensures that the object you create is symmetrical and all round. In addition, you can shape items of varying sizes and shapes.

One of the ends of the Jet holder is permanently fixed in position. At the same time, the other one is movable on a horizontal plane. This gives you enough space to work on the pieces. After adjusting, you simply fasten it to hold the piece firmly in place.


At first, it may be quite difficult to assemble the parts. You may be confused on how the parts attach to one another. However, you can read the assembly instructions from the manual that comes with the stand. Another setback has been the fact that it is easy to injure yourself. For example, the machine can clip long hair and wind it causing injuries or even death. But for safe use, ensure any loose hair is tied up tightly. In addition, do not have loose clothing such as neckties and loose sleeves.

Always wear tight fitting clothes when operating the lathe at all times. For safety instructions, read the instructional manual. Additionally, learn about its functions, servicing and maintenance from the manual. Moreover, the pros are very many and carry more weight as compared to the cons.

Customer reviews and scores

23 out of 25 customers recommend this lathe for shaping and smoothing items like bed stands. Stool legs, candle holders and many more. It has been so successful that it has attracted a five star rating from reviewers on Amazon. Click here to read more customer reviews…


The demand for wooden items is fast increasing due to a higher world population. Therefore most workers of these products must work extra fast and more effectively. The lathe provides efficiently so that you produce the item fast and move on to the next. The Jet 719202 enables you to meet the demand for your wood items.

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