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Grizzly G0632 Variable Speed Wood Lathe, 16 x 42-Inch Review

Grizzly G0632 300x300 Grizzly G0632 Variable Speed Wood Lathe, 16 x 42 Inch Review
Customer reviews:  Grizzly G0632 Variable Speed Wood Lathe, 16 x 42 Inch Review (4.5 / 5)

An Honest Grizzly G0632 Review written by: JoshOrtiz Grizzly’s G0632 Variable Wood Lathe has been getting quite a lot of attention lately for its superior uses and high quality design. Its durability has surpassed all the competition, but before getting one yourself, consider learning more about what it has to offer you. Finding a reliable and useful wood lathe can often be quite a challenge mainly because all brands tend to state that they offer the best machines on the market.

Price Range

On various online and regular stores, this Grizzly wood lathe is sold from $,1450 to $1,550 without the freight. If you get it with the freight it will cost around $99 more. Compared to other speed wood lathes, it isn’t expensive whatsoever, as it compensates from the various features it offers.

Who Would Find The Grizzly G0632 To Be Useful?

Obviously, it is a product that people who continuously lathe wood on a regular basis. It is a heavy duty well designed wood lathe, making it perfect for both commercial and everyday use. Those with some experience on conducting this kind of machine is recommended, as it does involve a lot of skill to get it to work at its best potential.

Features Of The Grizzly G0632

Aside from its quite large turning capacities, this well made machine comes with features that only the best Heavy duty wood lathe could offer. For instance, electronic variable speeds offer two separate speed ranges, and indexable spindle, digital speed readout, a swivel headstock used for the outboard turning, spindle locking pin, along with a reverse and forwarding switch for any outboard bowl turns.

The bed is also precision ground cast with iron for durability and reliability. It also offers heavy cast iron legs which can be adapted easily for adding whatever mass needed. The best part about it is that the lathes run on a single phase power so that it can be used effectively in both home shops and workplaces as well. Its variable frequency drive also runs the 3 phase motor to help provide effective variable speeding control. It also operates much quietly in comparison to others on the market, which is a plus for those of you who tend to get noise complaints when working.

Specifications Of The Grizzly G0632

Weight 394 pounds
Electronic variable speed controls
30 degree direct indexing uses with 1 indexing hole
Digital spindle speed indicator
10 degree indexing uses for all 3 indexing holes
Tailstock, tool rest, and headstock support come with a lever action cam that locks for fast positioning
Spindle lock pins
Belt drive comes with 2 speed ranges
Emergency stop switch
Reverse/forwarding handle

The Pros And Cons Of The Grizzly G0632


One of the main advantages to this wood lathe is that it works very quickly and efficiently. The features ensure an effective operation all the time, making it a useful product to get for users of all skill levels. The emergency switch stop feature is a very important feature that really made this wood lathe stand out, as it will immediately stop the moment anything goes wrong. Because of the two speed range options, you can work at your pace that will best suit your comfort level. However, just like any other product, it does come with a few drawbacks that are important to learn about as well.


The only con to this machine is that it isn’t the most compact wood lathes on the market. Obviously, since it is a 394 pounds it won’t be the easiest thing to store, but it’s not like there are any handy wood lathes out there that really get the job done at all times. Other than that minor con, it is a really great product that people have been very satisfied with lately.

What People Thought About The Product

People are quite positive with this overall machine where some stated that it is the best wood lathe they have ever owned and operated. S. Dann said “the lathe works well, and I love it!”, giving it a 4 star rating, while Frank Frusco said, “Its power and smoothness rival from those that cost double.” and gave it a 5 star rating. It has an average of 4.5 stars out of 5 making it one of the highest rated wood lathes on the market.

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In conclusion, it is a great wood lathe with some of the best features out there. Its design is very well thought out while it will work exemplary for all your wood lathing projects. If you want to have a reliable wood lathe, than this one is definitely for you.

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