JET JML 1014I 10 Inch X 14 Inch Indexing Mini Lathe Review

Jet JML 1014I 300x193 JET JML 1014I 10 Inch X 14 Inch Indexing Mini Lathe Review
Customer reviews:  JET JML 1014I 10 Inch X 14 Inch Indexing Mini Lathe Review (4.5 / 5)

The JET JML 1014I Indexing Mini Lathe is a cast iron heavy duty lathe bed that maximizes stability and reduces vibration. Rigidity, strength and years of hassle-free operations will be provided by the cast iron headstock and tailstock. Both the tailstock and the tool rest can be accurately and easily positioned using quick release levers. This compact tool is suitable for home shop use because of the six operating speeds and a durable, stable design that are offered so t hat a variety of lathing projects can be handled.


This innovative on JET’s bestselling original mini lathe machine is available online within the price range of $400 and $450.


Whether because of a limited budget or the lack of space, there is often no lathe machine in many woodworking shops. Fortunately, the arrival of the JET JML 1014I Indexing Mini Lathe made a limited budget and lack of space less of an issue. Despite being a mini lathe machine, the JML 1014I is still beefier and bigger, while it is still smaller than full-sized machines. It will take up barely any space and it weighs in at merely 72 pounds, which will be appreciated.

1/2 HP, 6-Speed, Powerful Motor

Stock up to 14 inches long and 10 inches in diameter can be supported by the JML 1014I. A powerful 1/2 HP motor with a motor tilting adjustment handle and a six speeds grants the JML 1014I its robust performance. Flexibility is also provided by this motor, which means a variety of materials and projects can be tackled.

Cast-Iron Bed & Spindle Lock

As mentioned, stability is added by a cast-iron, heavy-duty lathe bed while vibrations are dramatically limited during operation so that accurate results can be enjoyed. In addition, a lock is featured by the spindle thanks to which chucks, faceplates, and other accessories can be easily removed with one hand. It also possesses indexing capabilities for efficient and quick fluting and veining operations.

Hollow Tailstock & Live Center

There is a removable pin in the live center to bore through stocks, long hole boring for vessels, such as lamps, is made possible by its hollow tailstock. This way, projects can be completed easily and quickly.

Cam-Lock Mechanism & Self-Ejecting Tailstock

The tailstock of the JML-1014I has been designed to be extremely user friendly and safe-ejecting, so tooling can be removed easily and safely. In addition, the headstock, tailstock, and the tool-rest base can be adjusted tool-free thanks to cam-lock mechanism.

Non-Skid Rubber Feet

To protect the materials and the workspace, four non-skid rubber feet are also featured at the benchtop of the JML-1014I so the machine remains stable when being used.


The measurements of this mini lathe machine are 10.25 inches x 26 inches x 14.1 inches, it has a weight of 72 pounds, and a 5-year warranty covers this machine.


- 6-speed operation ranging between 400 rpm and 3,300 rpm
- Chucks and faceplates can be easily removed thanks to a spindle lock
- Hollow tailstock
- Motor idea for continuous operation
- Spindle indexed every
- 50 mm tailstock barrel travel
- Years of hassle
- Free turning


In the manufacturing business, the cutting edge JET JML 1014I Indexing Mini Lathe is the latest standard with an indexing head and spindle locks. The JML 1014I may appear a bit too small but it can do some pretty big work. It certainly has a smaller footprint. The JML 1014I will perform flawlessly for projects such as making wooden pens, turning small bowls and vases.

The quiet operation and low vibration of the JML 1014I mini lathe machine have also been praised, while speeds can be changed quite easily and quickly. Within the price range this mini lathe is available in, it has even been dubbed “exceptional,” especially because exotic woods can be turned with ease.


A few customers had certain reservations with the JET JML 1014I Indexing Mini Lathe, such as the motor runs hot or that the tool rest is not long enough. However, considering the price range of this mini lathe machine, it can withstand the regular use and can last for a lifetime.


Based on the ratings of the 34 customers who purchased the JML 1014I mini lathe machine from, it has an average score of 4.6 stars out of 5 stars. Moreover, 23 out of the 34 reviews on Amazon 5 star reviews. Click here to read more customer reviews…


In a woodworking shop, the JET JML 1014I Indexing Mini Lathe can prove to be a handy, portable and reliable tool. Much like its predecessor, it is a real winner, and those who put it in their shop today will be glad that they did. In fact, they will be even more glad if they shop for the JML 1014I on Amazon.

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