JET 708358K JWL-1442VSK 14-by-42-Inch VS PRO Wood Lathe with Legs Review

JET 708358K 300x300 JET 708358K JWL 1442VSK 14 by 42 Inch VS PRO Wood Lathe with Legs Review
Customer reviews:  JET 708358K JWL 1442VSK 14 by 42 Inch VS PRO Wood Lathe with Legs Review (4.5 / 5)

JET 708358K JWL-1442VSK VS PRO is a mid-range, 14-by-42-Inch Wood Lathe with Legs that is ideal for drilling, sanding, wood cutting, and more. Mechanical variable speed is offered by this lathe machine, while its headstock can be pivoted and slid to the end of the bed, making outward turning possible.


The JET 708358K JWL-1442VSK is indeed a mid-range lathe machine, even in terms of price, since it is available within a price range of $1,400 and $1,500.


The JET 708358K JWL-1442VSK VS PRO Wood Lathe is deal for anyone who is in search of a lathe machine that is powerful enough so that large diameter bowl and spindle blanks can be swung. In a woodworking shop, a lathe machine often needs to be heavy enough so that it does not vibrate excessively because of blanks that are seriously out of round or those that have an uneven density. The JWL-1442VSK fits this description since it weighs 356 pounds. An unsightly ballast will not have to be added when using this lathe machine.

Solid Cast Iron Bed & Legs

The bed and legs of the JWL-1442VSK lathe machine are made of solid cast iron. Precision and stability are increased by its sturdy construction while vibration is reduced during operation.

1 HP Motor & Reeves Drive Pulley System

Plenty of power is provided by the 1 horsepower, 115 volt motor of this lathe machine so practically any woodturning project can be handled by it. Quick variable speed changes between 450 RPM and 3,000 RPM are made possible by the reeves drive pulley system of this lathe machine.

Swiveling Headstock

The headstock of the JWL-1442VSK can be swiveled 360 degrees, with two positive stops, one at 45 degrees and the other at 90 degrees. It is also possible to position the headstock anywhere along the bed for maximum comfort and flexibility.

Positive-Locking Indexing

Positive-locking indexing is featured on the spindle in 10-degree increments, making efficient and fast fluting and veining operations possible. The chucks and faceplates can also be easily removed or replaced thanks to this lathe machine’s built-in spindle locks.

Live Center

The JWL-1442VSK has a live center that has a removable pin that can be used to bore through stock, and the centers have 42 inches between them.

Special Cast-In Webbings

The legs have special cast-in webbings where 2 x 4s and 2 x 12s are readily accepted if a sandbag shelf or a solid tool needs to be constructed.

Cam-Lock Mechanisms

The headstock and tailstock can both be adjusted without the use of any tools thanks to cam-lock mechanisms. Since the tailstock is hollow, long-hole boring can also be done for vessels like lamps.

Extra Accessories

The Jet 708358K JWL-1442VSK lathe machine also comes with indexing and spindle locks, knockout bar, legs, live center, spur center, and wrench.


- Centerline between spindle and floor is 43.5 inches
- 14-inch swing is provided
- 42-inch turning capacity is provided
- Tailstock has 4-inch ram travel
- Dimensions are 60 inches x 17 inches x 44 inches (W x H x L)
- Has a weight of 356 pounds
- 5-year warranty covers this lathe machine


JET has quite a long history of being a reliable tool supplier, so buyers can count on the JET 708358K JWL-1442VSK VS PRO Wood Lathe for the epitome of innovation and quality. Finding a great lathe machine is not an easy task, but buyers who chose to buy the JWL-1442VSK were very satisfied after having used it for years and years.

The fact that considerable value for money is provided by the JWL-1442VSK is one of the things about this lathe machine that have been appreciated. Those who have used this lathe machine even recommend using the cast iron legs even though they are an optional part of it. The quiet and smooth drive train and motor of this lathe machine have also been praised.


Some buyers did not like the fact that the motor of the JET 708358K JWL-1442VSK VS PRO Wood Lathe is positioned to the right of the mechanism. This is not a major issue, especially since a spindle extender can be used if the motor does get in the way.


Based on the reviews of the 31 customers that reviewed this lathe machine on Amazon, it currently has an average score of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. Moreover, out of those 31 reviews, 21 of them gave the JWL-1442VSK a 5-star rating. Click here to read more customer reviews…


Those looking for a lathe machine that is heavy enough so that vibration is dampened and has a wide footprint so that it remains stable will not be disappointed by the JET 708358K JWL-1442VSK VS PRO Wood Lathe. Those who buy this lathe machine from Amazon will be glad because they will end up investing in a high quality machine.

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