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JET JWL-1642EVS Wood Lathe Review

JWL 1642EVS 300x249 JET JWL 1642EVS Wood Lathe Review
Customer reviews:  JET JWL 1642EVS Wood Lathe Review (4.5 / 5)

The JET JWL-1642EVS Electronic Variable Speed Woodworking Lathe is a 16″ x 42” lathe machine for outstanding woodturning. Not only does it have a 1.5 HP motor, it is also equipped with an electronic inverter, so this lathe machine can be operated at any speed between 50 RPM and 3,200 RPM. Even the headstock and tailstock can be adjusted thanks to cam-lock mechanisms without the need to use any tools.


Like many heavy-duty lathe machines, the JET JWL-1642EVS Electronic Variable Speed Woodworking Lathe is available within the price range of $2,300 and $2,500, and it is a solid performer among them.


In woodworking shops where operational limits have been approached or exceeded, upgrading to the JWL-1642EVS lathe machine will make sense. This lathe machine comes with greater capacity. For those who can afford a lathe machine within this price range, and really need a lathe that has plenty of power, then the JWL-1642EVS is an ideal choice. This lathe machine will perform well, even impressively, on both large and small workpieces.

3-Phase Motor With Electronic Inverter

Often, 220-volt power is not available in many woodworking shops, so this Electronic Variable Speed Woodworking Lathe is powered by a 1-1/2HP, 115-volt, 3 phase motor. All the work that is involved in the conversion of the “1 phase” to the “3 phase” is done by an electronic converter. The inverter makes it possible for this lathe machine to vary the motor’s frequency, which is the reason it is able to operate at variable speed.

Cast-Iron Casting

The JWL-1642EVS is based on heavy-duty iron castings, so long-term accuracy and seamless, vibration-free operation is provided by this lathe machine. Iron casting has been used even for the legs, while adjustable pads and cast-in supports are included at each foot as a result of which a solid stance is ensured on uneven surfaces. With these legs, this lathe machine gains a comfortable center or spindle height of 44.5 inches above the ground.

A massive iron casting has also been used for the headstock, so that rigid support is provided for the 1-1/2 HP motor and the high-strength spindle. For reliable performance, the precision-machined spindle is supported by high-quality, large diameter ball bearings that are fitted to the headstock.

Large-Diameter Spindle With Inbuilt Indexing

The large chunks that this type of a lathe machine uses are supported by the large-diameter spindle’s nose, which has 1.25 x 8 threads per inch. In addition, a barrel-type grip is fitted to the outboard end of the spindle so the spindle can be turned by hand. Internal indexing has also been built into the spindle so it can be locked in 10-degree increments or 36 different positions, for operations like drilling, fluting, and grooving.

For additional convenience, this lathe machine also comes with a screw-in pin. The headstock also has a push-button spindle lock. This way, whenever the chuck, faceplate, or any other screw-on accessories are being installed or removed, the spindle can be temporarily locked without any hassle and without the use of any tools.

Heavy-Gauge Wire Guard

The headstock has a special mount on its rear where the included heavy-gauge is accepted, and the guard is indexed up or down by a spring-loaded pin, so turned objects can be mounted and removed easily. This guard also acts as a protective shield between the operator and the work, since turning blanks often generates large chips and chunks that can become dangerous projectiles.

LED, Toggle Switch, & User-Friendly

The headstock of the JWL-1642EVS has infinite speed control dials conveniently located on it, which make this lathe machine quite user-friendly. The spindle speed can be monitored easily and very accurately thanks to a large digital LED readout, while the front panel has a toggle switch that can be used to select forward and backward spindle directions. Finally, the front panel also has a large-diameter pull on and push off button that can be accessed easily, regardless of the operating position.

Large Tailstock

The tailstock of the JWL-1642EVS is large enough with the right base width and mass to generate the needed stability. There is a 5-inch diameter, easy-to-turn handwheel with a spinner handle fitted to it, which can be used to operate that large ram, which has a complete 4-inch travel. The tailstock can also be locked securely in place using a large handle.

Ball bearing Live Center & Cast-Iron Tool-Rest Base

The high-end live center of this lathe machine has multi-row ball bearings and a large-diameter, screw-on cone for projects like boxes and peppermills. The cast-iron tool-rest base can be easily positioned using its long handle and is very rigid.


The measurements of the JWL-1642EVS 29 inches x 28 inches x 59 inches (W x H x L), it has a weight of 410 pounds, and a 5-year warranty covers this lathe machine.


- The headstock can be slid to the end of the bedway to simplify outboard turning
- With the digital readout, any desired speed can be dialed in for best results
- Belt positions are quickly changed by high/low speed change level
- The machine can be operated at any speed between 50 RPM and 3,200 RPM
- Tools like chisels can be stored in the tool storage for easy accessibility


When putting a woodworking shop together, buying a lathe machine is not an easy decision. The JWL-1642EVS is actually not very expensive in comparison, but it is still quite a high-end lathe machine. The longer buyers have used this lathe machine, the more they have been pleased with its performance.

The fact that this Electronic Variable Speed Woodworking Lathe is quite heavy is another thing that has been noted, which is a sign of how durable and long lasting this machine really is. Most buyers actually chose this lathe machine after reviewing plenty of other lathes and they were not disappointed. In fact, it turned out to be the right choice for them.


Most buyers agree that the JWL-1642EVS is an outstanding lath machine but some of them slightly higher expectations. However, they need to keep in mind that it performs flawlessly for a 1-1/2HP lathe machine, but just because it has so many exceptional features does not mean it will perform like a 2HP machine.


Based on the ratings of the 38 customers who received this Electronic Variable Speed Woodworking Lathe on Amazon, it has an average score of 4.7 stars out of 5 stars.

Click here to read more customer reviews…


The bottom line is that the JET JWL-1642EVS Electronic Variable Speed Woodworking Lathe is an excellent lathe machine for use in a home woodworking shop. This lathe machine boasts the versatility of electronic variable speed and a sliding headstock. It will be equally useful for beginners and professional craftspeople, who can buy it conveniently from Amazon.

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JET JWL-1221VS 12-Inch by 21-Inch Variable Speed Wood Lathe Review

JET JWL 1221VS 300x300 JET JWL 1221VS 12 Inch by 21 Inch Variable Speed Wood Lathe Review
Customer reviews:  JET JWL 1221VS 12 Inch by 21 Inch Variable Speed Wood Lathe Review (4.5 / 5)

The Jet JWL-1221VS is a product from JET, the world famous manufacturer of a variety of tools and products. This variable speed wood lathe is of utmost professional quality and is known for its unparalleled control.

Who would buy Jet JWL-1221VS wood lathe?

With a number of people beginning to use wood lathes at homes, mini lathes are becoming like personal computers these days. The JWL-1221VS wood lathe falls into this category due to its capacities which are perfect for professional, DIYers as well as hobbyists. Due to its compact size, the 1221VS wood lathe is a popular tabletop model ideal for light as well as medium level wood lathing by regular as well as occasional users.

JET JWL-1221VS : Price

This latest arrival from JET can be purchased for a price ranging from $750 to $850. You can try out Amazon where it is available for under $800.

Top features

1. Variable speed motor

The 745 W DC motor with variable speed can be operated by a simple turn of the dial. The tach is quite easy to use and allows you to set the exact speed you want to use the lathe on. It also displays error codes if the motor encounters a problem. The motor reaches from 60 to 3600 RPM in no time and can also be run in reverse without turning the machine off which saves you a lot of time and work momentum as well. The range of the speed of the motor has been designed to cater for a variety of wood jobs undertaken by a variety of users.

2. Innovative ratchet style belt tensioning system

Another unique and interesting feature about the JWL-1221VS is its ratchet style belt system with a pending patent. With its ability to allow a quick change of belt, you can save time in disassembling this wood lathe and use it elsewhere for some productive work.

Other features

- The lathe is bigger than its predecessor, the JWL-1220. It is heavier by 23 lbs and has inch bigger swing. The tail stocks, head and banjo are more muscular and the bed is wider.
- The centres of the lathe align properly which is one of the pre requisites for efficient working of the machine.
- It has 24 integrated indexing positions.
- The top door is located on the front and both the doors are large enough to allow your fingers go in easily.
- The tail stock has a quill which houses a scale reading in both millimeters and inches. 
- It consists of an indexing pin along with a spindle lock for easy removal of threaded accessories.
- The tail stock as well as the banjo slide smoothly over the bed. The tailstock is tall and rigid with an ACME barrel lead screw which has 64 mm travel.
- The tool and cable storage fittings on the bed of the lathe let you keep those necessary tools within easy reach.
- It comes with a comprehensive manual with sections on basic operations and use of tools.


Some of the pros of the machine which give it a cut above the rest are as follows

Smooth operation

The JET JWL-1221VS wood lathe provides a perfect blend of adequate power with shake less operation. This places it on a pedestal higher than other lathes which bring about unnecessary chatter even while tackling less intense projects. Such smooth operation becomes a boon for someone who is interested in intricate and detailed jobs with the lathe.

JET Red Assurance 5-Year Warranty

Every JET product comes with a warranty. In case any of the tools or machinery of the 1221VS wood lathe requires a repair or service, authorized service centres located across the United States swing into action to provide you quickest possible service once you intimate them the issue you are experiencing with your 1221VS.


It does not provide safety goggles or hex wrenches along with the standard package like the JWL-1220. Besides this, the hand wheels are painted instead of being chrome plated.

It stands for a fact that the pros of the machine far outweigh its cons. The tools which are not provided with standard packaging can be purchased separately with ease. 

Customer Reviews and Score

The product has been reviewed by 31 customers who have been kind enough to post their reviews on for the benefit of others. Out of these, 21 customers have rated it with 5 stars, 7 with 4 stars and 1 each with 3, 2 and 1 stars making an overall score of 4.5.

Click here to read more customer reviews…


If you are in search of a tabletop lathe for all your wood lathing needs, your quest ends at JET JWL-1221VS wood lathe. Its variable speed and 5 years warrantee besides several other unparalleled features mentioned above leave no reason why you would not enjoy satisfying your wood craft needs with this lathe machine. 

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JET JML 1014VSI 10-Inch-by-14-Inch Variable Speed Indexing Mini Lathe Review

Jet JML 1014VSI 300x180 JET JML 1014VSI 10 Inch by 14 Inch Variable Speed Indexing Mini Lathe Review
Customer reviews:  JET JML 1014VSI 10 Inch by 14 Inch Variable Speed Indexing Mini Lathe Review (4.5 / 5)

The Jet JML 1014VSI mini wood lathe with variable speed indexing is a powerful, quiet and smooth work tool that offers you complete control over any of your projects. Above the normal and innovative features offered by the JML 1014I, this powerful workhorse also comes with additional arbor locks, indexing options and variable speed ranges of between 500 and 3900 RPM. This powerful lathe provides a stable, almost vibration free turning. This machine is aptly made to accept and fit on bed extension number 708355 and jet stand number 708354.

Jet JML 1014VSI : Price range

A new model of this mini lathe has a price range of between 700 and 800 dollars. You may however get a cheaper bargain on a second hand one from a dealer.

Who would buy this tool?

Lathes are a very common and necessary tool for wood turners. This tool makes a very effective and efficient addition to any workshop. It offers all the features appropriate for either beginning or experienced wood turners

Key features

The jet JML 1014VSI wood lathe has several features, some of which are advancements from the previous models. Among the key distinguishing features include:

Six speed motor for flexibility and control

A powerful HP motor which powers six spindles with speeds ranging between 500 and 3975 RPMs is responsible for the robust performance offered by this tool. The variable speed offered by this feature is the main selling point for this lathe. The motors flexibility enables users to undertake a wide range of materials and projects without bogging down the lathe. It can support stock measuring 10 inches in diameter and up to 14 inches in length. The motor is totally sealed off and cooled by a fan.

Cast iron bed and spindle lock

The cast iron bed on this lathe is mainly for stability during work. The spindle lock on the other hand is necessary for veining and fast fluting. Vibrations are dramatically limited during operations due to the stability offered by the heavy duty cast iron bed enabling sufficient precision for the user. The spindle lock additionally makes it easier to change chucks, faceplates and other accessories using only one hand. Faster and more efficient veining and fluting operations are enabled by the indexing capabilities of the spindle lock.

Other features and specifications

Apart from these two primary features, the jet JML-1014 mini wood lathe has the following more features and specifications
- Hollow tail stock and live center – the hollow tail stock enables long hole boring for many vessels such as lamps, while the live center, which comes with a stock boring removable pin, enables easier and quicker completion of projects
- Cam lock mechanism – the cam lock mechanism on this tool enables tool-free adjustment of the tool reset base, headstock and tail stock. This feature combined with the quick release lever enables easy and safe operation through accurate positioning of the tail stock and tool reset.
- Self ejecting tail stock – the mini wood lathe’s tail stock has a self ejecting mechanism that makes it easier and safe to remove.
- The bench top features non-skid rubber feet for stability during use
- It comes in measurements of approximately 10.25×28.1×14.1 width, height and length respectively, and has an overall weight of 80 pounds
- This mini lathe comes with a five year warranty.


One of the main pros of the jet JML-1014 mini lathe is its general operation. This tool has a lot of power, is super quiet and works quite smoothly. The vibrations are majorly limited by the cast iron bed. The indexing feature is also a nice addition to the mini lathe. The 24 indexing positions are more than appropriate for this lathe.
The variable speed which is accomplished by a five speed and three belt settings enables the user to alter the machine speeds in a short time of less than 20 seconds.


The only downside to this machine is that delivery may result in quite a number of broken parts. However, this can be easily rectified as it comes with a five year warranty besides the fact that Jet will easily replace any broken or non functioning parts.

Customer reviews and ratings

After reviews from 44 customers, this machine earns an overall rating of 4.6 stars out of 5, which shows the level of satisfaction customers have with its operation and other features.

Click here to read more customer reviews…


The jet JML-1014VSI is a very powerful wood lathe. Apart from this machine being an improvement on previous models with great new features that are advantageous to the end user. The variable speed feature does especially well with customers and should be one of the reasons for anyone to buy this machine.

We have found the best discounts and prices for the JET JML 1014VSI 10-Inch-by-14-Inch Variable Speed Indexing Mini Lathe on Amazon. Click here to check it out.

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JET JML 1014I 10 Inch X 14 Inch Indexing Mini Lathe Review

Jet JML 1014I 300x193 JET JML 1014I 10 Inch X 14 Inch Indexing Mini Lathe Review
Customer reviews:  JET JML 1014I 10 Inch X 14 Inch Indexing Mini Lathe Review (4.5 / 5)

The JET JML 1014I Indexing Mini Lathe is a cast iron heavy duty lathe bed that maximizes stability and reduces vibration. Rigidity, strength and years of hassle-free operations will be provided by the cast iron headstock and tailstock. Both the tailstock and the tool rest can be accurately and easily positioned using quick release levers. This compact tool is suitable for home shop use because of the six operating speeds and a durable, stable design that are offered so t hat a variety of lathing projects can be handled.


This innovative on JET’s bestselling original mini lathe machine is available online within the price range of $400 and $450.


Whether because of a limited budget or the lack of space, there is often no lathe machine in many woodworking shops. Fortunately, the arrival of the JET JML 1014I Indexing Mini Lathe made a limited budget and lack of space less of an issue. Despite being a mini lathe machine, the JML 1014I is still beefier and bigger, while it is still smaller than full-sized machines. It will take up barely any space and it weighs in at merely 72 pounds, which will be appreciated.

1/2 HP, 6-Speed, Powerful Motor

Stock up to 14 inches long and 10 inches in diameter can be supported by the JML 1014I. A powerful 1/2 HP motor with a motor tilting adjustment handle and a six speeds grants the JML 1014I its robust performance. Flexibility is also provided by this motor, which means a variety of materials and projects can be tackled.

Cast-Iron Bed & Spindle Lock

As mentioned, stability is added by a cast-iron, heavy-duty lathe bed while vibrations are dramatically limited during operation so that accurate results can be enjoyed. In addition, a lock is featured by the spindle thanks to which chucks, faceplates, and other accessories can be easily removed with one hand. It also possesses indexing capabilities for efficient and quick fluting and veining operations.

Hollow Tailstock & Live Center

There is a removable pin in the live center to bore through stocks, long hole boring for vessels, such as lamps, is made possible by its hollow tailstock. This way, projects can be completed easily and quickly.

Cam-Lock Mechanism & Self-Ejecting Tailstock

The tailstock of the JML-1014I has been designed to be extremely user friendly and safe-ejecting, so tooling can be removed easily and safely. In addition, the headstock, tailstock, and the tool-rest base can be adjusted tool-free thanks to cam-lock mechanism.

Non-Skid Rubber Feet

To protect the materials and the workspace, four non-skid rubber feet are also featured at the benchtop of the JML-1014I so the machine remains stable when being used.


The measurements of this mini lathe machine are 10.25 inches x 26 inches x 14.1 inches, it has a weight of 72 pounds, and a 5-year warranty covers this machine.


- 6-speed operation ranging between 400 rpm and 3,300 rpm
- Chucks and faceplates can be easily removed thanks to a spindle lock
- Hollow tailstock
- Motor idea for continuous operation
- Spindle indexed every
- 50 mm tailstock barrel travel
- Years of hassle
- Free turning


In the manufacturing business, the cutting edge JET JML 1014I Indexing Mini Lathe is the latest standard with an indexing head and spindle locks. The JML 1014I may appear a bit too small but it can do some pretty big work. It certainly has a smaller footprint. The JML 1014I will perform flawlessly for projects such as making wooden pens, turning small bowls and vases.

The quiet operation and low vibration of the JML 1014I mini lathe machine have also been praised, while speeds can be changed quite easily and quickly. Within the price range this mini lathe is available in, it has even been dubbed “exceptional,” especially because exotic woods can be turned with ease.


A few customers had certain reservations with the JET JML 1014I Indexing Mini Lathe, such as the motor runs hot or that the tool rest is not long enough. However, considering the price range of this mini lathe machine, it can withstand the regular use and can last for a lifetime.


Based on the ratings of the 34 customers who purchased the JML 1014I mini lathe machine from, it has an average score of 4.6 stars out of 5 stars. Moreover, 23 out of the 34 reviews on Amazon 5 star reviews. Click here to read more customer reviews…


In a woodworking shop, the JET JML 1014I Indexing Mini Lathe can prove to be a handy, portable and reliable tool. Much like its predecessor, it is a real winner, and those who put it in their shop today will be glad that they did. In fact, they will be even more glad if they shop for the JML 1014I on Amazon.

We have found the best discounts and prices for the JET JML 1014I 10 Inch X 14 Inch Indexing Mini Lathe Review on Amazon. Click here to check it out.

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Jet 719202 JWL-1221VS Wood Lathe Stand Review

Jet 719202 300x300 Jet 719202 JWL 1221VS Wood Lathe Stand Review
Customer reviews:  Jet 719202 JWL 1221VS Wood Lathe Stand Review (5 / 5)

Construct stunning wood items with the Jet 719202 lathe written by: Tburnett For many centuries, sculptors have made interesting pieces of models from wood and metal. This success has been attributed to the equipment and tools used in the process. For this to be made possible, the surface that the item is placed should be firm. Lathes have provided that support and strength.

But most of these are limited in the way they function. Leaving some desired functions and processes unmet. Makers of the modern lathes have tried to achieve a combination of tasks that you will use as an artist. But few have succeeded like the Jet 719202 lathe. With innovation and technology, your experience at the workshop is about to change permanently.

Jet 719202 : Price range

You can get yours today at a cost of between $300 to $400. This price is a bit higher than that of the ordinary lathes. But considering the benefits you will get, the price is nothing to discourage you. Most outlets will ship and deliver it to you at no extra fee. In addition, the price includes the accessories that come with the lathe. From most stores, the delivery will take about 1 to 2 days.

Who would buy?

Whether you make items from wood or metal, you are going to find this stand very useful. The 719202 can be used by people who do metalworking, wood tuning, metal spinning and even thermal spraying. Additionally, people in pottery can buy it for holding their pieces
firmly in place as they work on them. With its longevity, the Jet719202 lathe is ideal for multiple users. In addition, makers of glass works can utilize the lathe to build amazing models.

Solid support

This lathe provides improved locking properties to prevent the item from slipping out of position. Its bed is made from cast iron while the frames are made of steel. This provides a solid sturdy platform.

Drawings and Accessories

The lathe comes with a wide variety of accessories such as chisels, chucks and drill bits. In addition, there are drawings of how to fit the accessories into the body of the lathe. Similarly, there is the provision of safety clothing such as gloves and overalls.

Main features and specifications

- It has adjustable piece holders to give you freedom
- You can get one that operates from a bench top or one that stands alone on the ground.
- It is relatively small in size helping you to save on space at the workshop
- It is easy to assemble and operate hence user friendly
- 24 hours customer support on toll free number.
- Wide bed length between the centers for turning longer items
- Adjustable revolutions per minute (RPM)


The Jet 719202 lathe can rotate the piece of item that you are working on its axis to give you 360 degrees of view. This ensures that the object you create is symmetrical and all round. In addition, you can shape items of varying sizes and shapes.

One of the ends of the Jet holder is permanently fixed in position. At the same time, the other one is movable on a horizontal plane. This gives you enough space to work on the pieces. After adjusting, you simply fasten it to hold the piece firmly in place.


At first, it may be quite difficult to assemble the parts. You may be confused on how the parts attach to one another. However, you can read the assembly instructions from the manual that comes with the stand. Another setback has been the fact that it is easy to injure yourself. For example, the machine can clip long hair and wind it causing injuries or even death. But for safe use, ensure any loose hair is tied up tightly. In addition, do not have loose clothing such as neckties and loose sleeves.

Always wear tight fitting clothes when operating the lathe at all times. For safety instructions, read the instructional manual. Additionally, learn about its functions, servicing and maintenance from the manual. Moreover, the pros are very many and carry more weight as compared to the cons.

Customer reviews and scores

23 out of 25 customers recommend this lathe for shaping and smoothing items like bed stands. Stool legs, candle holders and many more. It has been so successful that it has attracted a five star rating from reviewers on Amazon. Click here to read more customer reviews…


The demand for wooden items is fast increasing due to a higher world population. Therefore most workers of these products must work extra fast and more effectively. The lathe provides efficiently so that you produce the item fast and move on to the next. The Jet 719202 enables you to meet the demand for your wood items.

We have found the best discounts and prices for the Jet 719202 JWL-1221VS Wood Lathe Stand Review on Amazon. Click here to check it out.

JET 708359 JWL-1642EVS 16-Inch Swing 42-Inch between Centers 1-1/2 Horsepower Electronic Variable Speed Woodworking Lathe, 115-Volt 1 Phase Review

Jet 708359 300x249 JET 708359 JWL 1642EVS 16 Inch Swing 42 Inch between Centers 1 1/2 Horsepower Electronic Variable Speed Woodworking Lathe, 115 Volt 1 Phase Review
Customer reviews:  JET 708359 JWL 1642EVS 16 Inch Swing 42 Inch between Centers 1 1/2 Horsepower Electronic Variable Speed Woodworking Lathe, 115 Volt 1 Phase Review (4.5 / 5)

The JET 708359 is a versatile wood lathe for the professional woodworker. The large machine with a 16 inch swing and 42 inches of distance between the centers makes this beast a great tool for turning large pieces. Subsequent paragraphs will give you a sneak peek into various factors that make this machine popular among semi professional and professional woodworkers across the nation.

Who would buy this machine?

1642 EVS lathe is ideal for the serious woodworker who has enough space in the workshop to accommodate a lathe as large as this. With the price tag attached to it, JET 1642 is certainly not a small investment and therefore it discourages any DIYer or hobbyist from buying it. The 5 years warranty from JET amply assures of a trouble free performance for many years. 

JET 708359 : Price

You can make this versatile machine yours by paying anything between $2344.99 and $2450, depending upon the retailer you wish to go with. 

Notable Features

1. Stability

The first thing that you would notice about JET 708359 is its hugeness. It is over 400 pounds of cast iron which makes it a wonderfully stable machine while turning wood. 

2. Powerful motor with inverter and Variable Speed 

JWL-1642 EVS is equipped with a 1.5 HP 3 phase, 115 V motor which makes it ideal for shops that do not have 220V power available. The dedicated inverter converts 1 phase into 3 phase besides providing the ability to vary the frequency of the motor which results in variable speed of the motor. The JET JWL-1642 EVS makes use of a stepped pulley system which makes it capable of distinct high and low rpm ranges. While the low range allows high torque and low speeds, the high range allows turning of small pieces and spindles at speeds varying between 0 to 3200 rpm. The pulleys in JWL 1642 use a serpentine styled belt which reduces heat generation and slippage when compared to the common V belts. 

3. Easy access to controls

Speed can be varied between 0 to 3200 rpm from the front of the machine. The handles for belt tensioning are also mounted in the front for easy reach. The belt and pulleys can be reached via a door on the front of the headstock. These easily accessible controls allow you to relax the belt tension, re-tension it or move it to a new place quickly and easily from the front only.

Other features

• The operator can dial the desired speed in the digital readout.
• Fast and efficient veining and fluting operations due to positive locking indexing in increments of 10 degrees.
• Sliding headstock which allows it to be positioned anywhere along the bed ways.
• High/low speed change lever to changes positions of the belt quickly.
• Built in spindle lock to allow you to replace or remove chucks and faceplates with ease.
• Removable pin in the live centre for boring through the stock.
• The cam lock mechanism provides easy adjustment of tailstock, headstock and tool rest base without resorting to the use of tools. 
• Hollow tailstock enables long-hole boring for vessels and lamps.


The machine has a great weight that allows a vibration free operation while at the same time does not require a team to assemble it. It also has sufficient power to perform all the tasks that you wish to do using it. The stability of the device can be further enhanced by placing a ballast box under the bed on the stand.
The variable speed control and electronic readout give it a cut above other lathes in the same price range. The tool storage basket is great to hold tools and chisels within easy reach of the operator.


The device has little or no downsides except a few which have been reported by customers. Few observations mention that while it is not impossible to do large bowls on this lathe, it may not do a large number of them efficiently. Secondly the manual is not very descriptive of the procedures and controls. 
As a matter of fact, the pros of the machine are far too many when compared to the cons making this machine worthy of an investment. The observations of customers on doing large bowls may vary from customer to customer depending upon the style of usage. 

Customer reviews and score

The JET 708359 JWL-1642 scores 4.7 out of 5 based on 38 customer reviews on Out of these, 30 customers seemed to be fully satisfied with the machine giving it a perfect 5 while 6 of them rated it with 4 stars. One customer each gave it a 2 and 1 star.  Click here to read more customer reviews…

With features like sliding headstock, electronically variable speed and its capacity to handle large projects, JET 708359 proves itself to be a great tool for serious woodturners. You can be assured of the superior finish and outstanding design since this product comes from the house of JET, a leading manufacturer of tools and machines.

We have found the best discounts and prices for the JET 708359 JWL-1642EVS Woodworking Lathe on Amazon. Click here to check it out.

JET 708358K JWL-1442VSK 14-by-42-Inch VS PRO Wood Lathe with Legs Review

JET 708358K 300x300 JET 708358K JWL 1442VSK 14 by 42 Inch VS PRO Wood Lathe with Legs Review
Customer reviews:  JET 708358K JWL 1442VSK 14 by 42 Inch VS PRO Wood Lathe with Legs Review (4.5 / 5)

JET 708358K JWL-1442VSK VS PRO is a mid-range, 14-by-42-Inch Wood Lathe with Legs that is ideal for drilling, sanding, wood cutting, and more. Mechanical variable speed is offered by this lathe machine, while its headstock can be pivoted and slid to the end of the bed, making outward turning possible.


The JET 708358K JWL-1442VSK is indeed a mid-range lathe machine, even in terms of price, since it is available within a price range of $1,400 and $1,500.


The JET 708358K JWL-1442VSK VS PRO Wood Lathe is deal for anyone who is in search of a lathe machine that is powerful enough so that large diameter bowl and spindle blanks can be swung. In a woodworking shop, a lathe machine often needs to be heavy enough so that it does not vibrate excessively because of blanks that are seriously out of round or those that have an uneven density. The JWL-1442VSK fits this description since it weighs 356 pounds. An unsightly ballast will not have to be added when using this lathe machine.

Solid Cast Iron Bed & Legs

The bed and legs of the JWL-1442VSK lathe machine are made of solid cast iron. Precision and stability are increased by its sturdy construction while vibration is reduced during operation.

1 HP Motor & Reeves Drive Pulley System

Plenty of power is provided by the 1 horsepower, 115 volt motor of this lathe machine so practically any woodturning project can be handled by it. Quick variable speed changes between 450 RPM and 3,000 RPM are made possible by the reeves drive pulley system of this lathe machine.

Swiveling Headstock

The headstock of the JWL-1442VSK can be swiveled 360 degrees, with two positive stops, one at 45 degrees and the other at 90 degrees. It is also possible to position the headstock anywhere along the bed for maximum comfort and flexibility.

Positive-Locking Indexing

Positive-locking indexing is featured on the spindle in 10-degree increments, making efficient and fast fluting and veining operations possible. The chucks and faceplates can also be easily removed or replaced thanks to this lathe machine’s built-in spindle locks.

Live Center

The JWL-1442VSK has a live center that has a removable pin that can be used to bore through stock, and the centers have 42 inches between them.

Special Cast-In Webbings

The legs have special cast-in webbings where 2 x 4s and 2 x 12s are readily accepted if a sandbag shelf or a solid tool needs to be constructed.

Cam-Lock Mechanisms

The headstock and tailstock can both be adjusted without the use of any tools thanks to cam-lock mechanisms. Since the tailstock is hollow, long-hole boring can also be done for vessels like lamps.

Extra Accessories

The Jet 708358K JWL-1442VSK lathe machine also comes with indexing and spindle locks, knockout bar, legs, live center, spur center, and wrench.


- Centerline between spindle and floor is 43.5 inches
- 14-inch swing is provided
- 42-inch turning capacity is provided
- Tailstock has 4-inch ram travel
- Dimensions are 60 inches x 17 inches x 44 inches (W x H x L)
- Has a weight of 356 pounds
- 5-year warranty covers this lathe machine


JET has quite a long history of being a reliable tool supplier, so buyers can count on the JET 708358K JWL-1442VSK VS PRO Wood Lathe for the epitome of innovation and quality. Finding a great lathe machine is not an easy task, but buyers who chose to buy the JWL-1442VSK were very satisfied after having used it for years and years.

The fact that considerable value for money is provided by the JWL-1442VSK is one of the things about this lathe machine that have been appreciated. Those who have used this lathe machine even recommend using the cast iron legs even though they are an optional part of it. The quiet and smooth drive train and motor of this lathe machine have also been praised.


Some buyers did not like the fact that the motor of the JET 708358K JWL-1442VSK VS PRO Wood Lathe is positioned to the right of the mechanism. This is not a major issue, especially since a spindle extender can be used if the motor does get in the way.


Based on the reviews of the 31 customers that reviewed this lathe machine on Amazon, it currently has an average score of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. Moreover, out of those 31 reviews, 21 of them gave the JWL-1442VSK a 5-star rating. Click here to read more customer reviews…


Those looking for a lathe machine that is heavy enough so that vibration is dampened and has a wide footprint so that it remains stable will not be disappointed by the JET 708358K JWL-1442VSK VS PRO Wood Lathe. Those who buy this lathe machine from Amazon will be glad because they will end up investing in a high quality machine.

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